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Once Upon a Time...
in the not-so-peaceful heian-era
Who: Kakashi and Sasuke What:   Meeting… 
6th-Sep-2006 10:10 pm

Who: Kakashi and Sasuke

What:  Meeting

When: Mid afternoon

Where: Forest

Warnings: None


Kakashi sighed as he continued to wonder the forest, bag thrown over his shoulder, sword strapped to his waist. The nearest town was at least a two day's walk if he used the main road, and there was little chance he'd run into anyone there, so short-cut through the woods it was. He knew he was more likely to run into demons here, but figured he could use the practice, and who knows, he might find something of interest in the forest, be it foe or item.....

 Sasuke sat perched on a low hanging branch.  He wasn't hiding, nor was he particularly paying any attention to what was going on; too starved to pay any heed to his surroundings.  He would be fine though, he would stay fine for another week until he would have no other choice but to feed.  Orochimaru would kill him if he were to return home this way.  Sasuke would wait it out, here, in this tree.

Slowly Sasuke raised his head sensing a presence, a feeling that tugged at his mind until he would give in to the temptation to look.  Human.  Sasuke sighed.  Emotion from the other being bouncing off him like thunder.

Kakashi became aware of the demonic aura as soon as he was within range of the tree. Lifting his gaze, hand reaching for the hilt of his sword on instinct, his body relaxed when he recognized the creature, a Fukushuu; no apparent threat (for now)

He would have gladly continued on his way, in a small hurry to find a small clearing in which to set up camp before night fell, had his stomach not chosen that very moment to emit a rather loud growl, even by his standards, reminding him he had not eaten since the break of dawn that morning. Sighing again, he walked to the nearest tree and sat in it’s shade, back leaning against the trunk.

Placing the rather small bag in front of him, he began to rummage through it, before finally pulling out the last of the dry meat he’d been storing since the big kill a couple of weeks ago, along with an animal-skin flask, which he opened eagerly, the cool liquid easing his parched throat.


The feeling wasn't going away.  Snarling in annoyance Sasuke moved forwards on the branch, flexed like a wild cat and crouch again once he had a better view.  He wrinkled his nose at the smell of blood, stale blood.  It turned his stomach.  Was he a hunter?  Sasuke arched an eyebrow, strange territory for him to be in if he were, the only thing worth hunting around here were demons...or ducks.

Narrowing his eyes, Sasuke recoiled and got to his feet.  His peace and quite had been disturbed, and as loathe as he was to moving right now, he didn't feel like sharing this particular clearing in the forest.  Not with that smell.  Not with a human.  Too much temptation.

Completely oblivious to the demon’s apparent annoyance, Kakashi continued his ‘meal’, brain attempting to calculate about how much time he had left of daylight as he ate. Tipping of another piece chunk of meat, he chewed and let his eyes wonder around the clearing, gaze once again landing on the Fukushuu.

Taking note of the creatures apparent displeasure, he swallowed and put away what was left of the meat, packing away the flask as well before closing the bag and climbing to his feet, throwing it over his shoulders. Though the dried meat was in the bag, the smell of old blood lingered, but Kakashi’s nose was so used to the smell it didn’t quite register in his brain


Sasuke dropped smoothly to the ground.  He was ever watching the human; he moved like a hunter, Sasuke decided, someone strong.  "Are you lost?"  Curiosity (and hunger) were getting the better of him.

Though the question was unexpected, Kakashi’s expression (or what little of it could be seen) remained blank. Shaking his head, he adjusted the pack on his back; though his posture was relaxed, if one looked closely they would notice very little opening in his stance, eye continually fixed on the demon before him.

“I’m on my way to the nearest town, and decided to travel through the forest as a short-cut, instead of taking the main road”


Very confident or very very stupid.  "You won't be welcome in the next town."  The town they were both thinking of was a quiet community, whose fear of the demons living nearby had consumed them.  An easy poaching ground for demons like Sasuke.  The people were either corrupt to the point of resembling demons themselves or they were naive and innocent, the perfect prey.  "I hope you weren't planning on staying there."


Once again, Kakashi shook his head "I need to stop there to re-stock supplies and perhaps spend the night, at most, before moving on. If I'm lucky, someone will be making a trip that day. I heard their terrified of demons, so I'd find the perfect customers..." Though not broke yet, what little cash he still had with him would probably be spent in supplies and finding a decent place to spend the night, so any business and customers he could find would be of extreme help


Sasuke regarded the other coolly for a moment before shifting his weight, and saying, "you're different."


Kakashi's eyebrow rose, and he regarded the other with an almost amused expression "Different from who?"


A slow blink as if it should have been obvious, "the villagers."

A small grin was visible through the mask "I'm not from around here, and unlike most, don't fear venturing outside what most regard as a safe haven; the village" While he did not fear venturing outside, away from the homes, shops, and people, it wasn't exactly a voluntary choice. Life had shown him again and again that he didn't belong with others; not with his kind, not with the demons and spirits. To this day, the demon's words still held truth....


Sasuke's curiosity would be his downfall one day, as Orochimaru kept telling him.  Sasuke took a step closer, still wary of course "why?"


"Because I haven't known such a thing since I was eight" Kakashi's smile never wavered, the pain of the numerous losses he'd faced that day having become nothing more than a dull throb by now, though the memories remained clear as day


Sasuke's blood pulsed suddenly, catching him completely unawares.  He shut his eyes and took a calming breath.  What...what was that?  As soon as it had come on it had gone.  He looked over at the other.  Had he caused that?  Sasuke's brow furrowed.


Kakashi blinked, confused by the demons sudden change "Are you ok?" Though he still remained alert, the demon hadn't given him any reason to treat him as an enemy, and thus he was treated as a friend


"I'm fine."  Sasuke replied somewhat more stubbornly than needed.  He still felt a little light headed but he was used to dealing with that.  Still confused as to what on earth had caused such a large pulse Sasuke decided it was time to be leaving incase it were to happen again.  "I hope you find whatever it is that you're looking for."  Everyone was looking for something, though what was unusual was that Sasuke couldn't tell just what that was with this guy.  It annoyed him that he couldn't probe even given their closeness.  Apparently this man was made of something stronger than the prey Sasuke was used to.


Deciding not to push the issue further, Kakashi merely smiled again, the gesture barely visible through the dark cloth "Thank you, I hope no one disturbs your clearing as I apparently did" With one last chestier grin, he resumed his earlier pace, stepping out of the clearing and continuing on his way calmly, never once looking back

7th-Sep-2006 08:46 am (UTC)
Argh! I'm so sorry I forgot to post this yesterday! *wibble* forgive me?
7th-Sep-2006 11:21 pm (UTC)
No prob, I didn't mind ^^

....and besides, I have plenty of time to kill >>
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