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Once Upon a Time...
in the not-so-peaceful heian-era
Ok, It's My Turn To Try To Kick Start This Place.... 
10th-Dec-2006 05:42 pm
Who: Anyone
What: Deidara's looking to meet a few people and not manipulate them 8D
Where: The Tea House
When: Afternoon

A blond stood in the doorway of the Tea House, his long fingers tapping against the wood frame. He sighed slightly, he had sent out the word, the question was, would anyone show? He gritted his teeth and sighed, if he had to wait like this any longer he might just lose it. He stopped tapping and crossed his arms, leaning up against the frame, his eye shut.

He groaned again, he lacked patientce, especially when it came to this sort of stuff. He stood up and walked into the tea house.

If anyone would show, they could show themselves inside.

((OOC: I posted an app for another character. Someone review it *puppy eyes*))
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