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Once Upon a Time...

in the not-so-peaceful heian-era

Haruka na Mukashi -An AU Naruto Role Play-
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The Heian Period of Japanese history is known for its peace, art, literature, and military growth. It was a time of prosperity for culture; the world’s first novel appeared in the court at the nation’s capital, Heian-Kyo (Kyoto in modern day).

But what no one speaks of now, is the harsh history of the battles between humans and demons. While it is disputed whether demons truly existed in that time, there are endless stories of how they killed humans or just played simple pranks on them.

This role play is all about the relationships, whether good or bad, that humans and demons formed with each other during the rise of the shogun, in the 1150s. While some demons (or spirits as the friendlier ones came to be called) helped humans and became accepted members of society, others hated the humans and wanted to eradicate them.

In 1120, an onmyouji (an exorcist in the Imperial Court) made a pact with a snake demon, giving his body to the demon in exchange for power. Over time, everything that made the onmyouji human deteriorated. He was banned from the court and set out on his own, taking on a new name.


That name has become linked with terror throughout all of mainland Japan. But for the past thirty years, he has kept a fairly low profile.

Some say he is dead, but the onmyouji and the demons know better. After all, just as snakes shed their skin, Orochimaru can change bodies…

Of course, he is not the only demon causing problems for humans and other demons. Ancient Japan was full of fierce creatures full of bloodlust.

It’s up to you which side you take. Will you be a human? A demon? Or perhaps a helpful spirit?

Claimed Characters
-Uchiha Itachi

-Orochimaru: bluegreenyellow AIM: haircutofdevil MSN: minstrelsrock@hotmail.com
Status: Snake Demon

-Kankurou: kabuku_kankurou AIM: Stormbringer8196 MSN: KoyasuFan1967@aol.com
Status: Human, rogue Onmyouji

-Gaara: teakettletanuki AIM: haircutofdevil MSN: minstrelsrock@hotmail.com
Status: Tanuki. Reincarnation of Shukaku.

-Uzumaki Naruto: foxeyebackhand AIM: blackeyebleeding
Status: Human host of the Kitsune spirit, the Kyuubi.

-Uchiha Sasuke: shikaeshi AIM: Celtic Tink MSN: cynical_sho @ msn.com
Status: Fukushuu no oni

-Sasori: claret_leiurus AIM: my lotus bloom MSN: lilting_lotus@hotmail.com
Status: Tsukumogami

-Hatake Kakashi: demons_red_eye AIM: scarecrowfan MSN: cutegurle@hotmail.com
Status: Human, mercenary for hire

-Deidara: deidara_sama17 AIM: LilWolfGurl14
Status: Human, renegade

Reserved Characters
NONE. If you would like us to hold a character while you do an application, please contact either
hamburger_crow or sandy_gourd.

Head to kachiyama_ooc Here, you will find where to apply and the rules. Please, please please read the rules before applying! This is also where you can post questions related to the RP.